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The Beginning

Eight billion people.. Every second I wait, someone dies needlessly. I can save almost everyone, but, where do I start?

How do I begin?

Who do I tell?

Should I just begin passing them to everyone I see and let it spread like a virus? What would happen? Can I cause more harm than good?

Should I begin with leaders of governments? Hmm, never did respect a politician or any government leader when it comes right down to it.

Maybe the United Nations? At least their intentions are good.

No, no and no! Leaders are corrupt. Always have been. Besides, there are no leaders any longer, no more countries, no more borders, no more senseless killing.

Need to start from the bottom. They deserve a break.

But, how?

Adju, Assemble my crew, please!

I beg your pardon, John…your crew?

Yes Adju, my crew! My crew is all the people I care about and..ah..and let’s add all the people we’ve encountered since we met.

Assemble them! Where John?

Here, in my home. Wait, no, on second thought. (John in deep thought) Hmm, find me a boardroom somewhere, on Wall Street. Oh, wait, how about the White House. Check to see if the President’s conference room is empty? In Washington D.C.!

Yes, John, it is vacant at the moment.

I guess it would not be proper to just beam them all there, so I guess I should visit each one and make a formal invitation!

A few hours later, gathered together in the boardroom of the President of the United States…

Welcome everyone, my friends, my family, and the few people whose lives have been changed by me, over the past couple of days.

I am sure you all have a lot of questions, but before we begin I need to show you exactly what has happened and how it’s going to change your lives and the lives of everyone on our planet.

As you can see we’re here in the White House. The president is away from Washington D.C. today so I thought this would be a great place to begin our new venture and at the same time demonstrate just how remarkable an event this is.

I know none of you asked for this, but I’m pretty sure that you will all want to know the whole story and why I chose you and brought you here together as we are.

This device that you are all wearing is called an Amorganon. It was given to me by a gentleman or should I say a projection of a gentleman whom you will meet in a moment.

For some unknown reason, this person chose me to be what he calls Ascendant. I have been given control of this device I wear, which has the ability to create unlimited duplicates, which you are wearing now. Your bracelets function almost exactly as mine. You can create bracelets for anyone you wish.

I know this is a lot to take in so far but, to be blunt, this is an Earth shattering event and it’s impossible for me to explain what is about to happen to all of us, and all of the people on this planet because, I don’t know.

Let me begin by telling you that I use the term “Earth shattering” loosely. We are not alone. Oh, I’m not talking about in this room or that of course, there are lots of people here in the White House and Washington D.C., I mean we’re not alone as earthlings.

As some of you already know, I have met an alien. Well, a projection sent by an alien that tells me there are many more planets in this universe just like ours.

And if that isn’t enough of a shock, keep in mind that you now have, not only this amazing bracelet that allows you to have sort of beamed here for this meeting, but you can now go anywhere you choose in a blink of an eye.

And that isn’t even the best part. This little device will allow us to live forever. As long as you choose to remain in this aether state you won’t age, you won’t get sick, you won’t need food or water.

As I said, you are currently in this state we now call “aether“. When you turn this device off and return to your human form, you may have already noticed that you are changed. You may not have asked for your molecules to be changed, but they are changed and there isn’t much I can do about that now. I haven’t actually tried, but as amazing as this is I would suspect that you could return to your originally molecular makeup if you so choose too, but if you had any traces of a disease or deformity of any kind, it is gone.

While you are not in a aether you will age and you will be susceptible to worldly influences, but each time you return to aether you will reclaim your original self.

I am told by an authority that you may live for a thousand years if you so choose. 

You have at your finger tips a device that allows you to travel through our planets history, back for millions of years.

I mentioned the President was not in town! Let me give you a little demonstration.

John seemed as though he whispered into his Amorganon; “Latest meeting in this room where the words top secret, nuclear, and war were spoken with the President in attendance.”

Suddenly the room was engulfed with the President and his entourage in what appeared to be a meeting with some other heads of state.

As you will learn, there just won’t be any secrets any longer. You all have the ability to do this and more. Watch as I dial down now through history, stopping occasionally to get our bearings, so to speak.

The scene quickly changed to different historical events. All the presidents and cabinet members back and back in history until there were no longer any people.

Then John pointed to Jim Sullivan. What is your date of birth Jim? March 7, 1952. Again, the room is engulfed in a scene which appears to be the inside of a hospital room and a mother holding her newborn baby. This, my friend, is your first day on this planet.

And then John turned it off and the room was engulfed in total silence.

From this day forward, our lives will be an open book. There will be no more secrets. Whether or not we like or don’t like it doesn’t matter. This is here and this is now. The cat is out of the bag. If this is a good thing our future is bright. If this is a bad thing, well, no one knows. There’s no going back now.

Now, some of you are unfamiliar with everyone here in this room so let me introduce everyone. John introduced everyone and finished with the gentleman sitting to his right. This is Adjumentu or Adju as I call him. He is the caretaker of a vessel called OrTerra that makes all this possible.

Adju calls me Ascendant. That means I am in control of not only OrTerra, but all of these devices called Amorganon’s. When I need help with this thing (pointing to his Amorganon) I just ask for Adju. You too can call for an assistant, or your own Adju, by pressing on this button. And once you get the hang of it, you can just think it and it happens.

There are rules. Your assistant will keep you informed and may interfere if you are about to break one.

I’m not really sure what happens now. Are we all to go on our merry little ways and never see each other again or do we form some kind of a committee? This is all quite new for me as well, so I’m open for any suggestions.

John’s Father was the first to speak; “George Smith here, I’ve had this Amorg thing”, pointing to his Amorganon, “about as long as a fart in a hurricane. (Everyone chuckles).

But, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this all means. It’s a new ball game folks and right now I am somewhat ashamed that I’m not out somewhere making my new gift meaningful. I’m thinking this might be a dream right now, but then maybe it isn’t.

I’ve been talking for about, what, 40 seconds? Every 4 seconds some child will die of hunger. That’s 10 have died, now maybe 15. There are needless killings, homicides, accidental deaths and so many other injustices; we couldn’t name them all if we had years to discuss them. My favorite movie of all time was Superman also known as (Superman: The Movie). It’s a 1978 superhero film directed by Richard Donner. It is based on the DC Comics character of the same name and stars… Whoa..

Got carried away with our new found “memory recall” or in my case “brain fix”, which we all have experienced lately. My point is, we are all supermen or superwomen. I say the sooner we get out there and start doing something useful with our lives the better.

“Okay, hold on now, sorry Dad, you’re right on, but we need some common sense rules here. Aside from the fact that common sense has just been thrown out the window, we should all realize that we also have the potential to cause great harm.”

John pauses for a few seconds, “what seems like a miracle to us may be the most devastating catastrophe in the entire history of the world for some. Just for starters, religious fanatics and even some more middle of the road theists would be desolate. Not sure if you’ve had time, but a few hours of detailed search would pretty much prove or disprove the faith of probably 7 of the 8 billion people on this planet.

I would like to propose the first rule. If everyone is in agreement, I would suggest that we only create amorganon’s for people that are actually worthy. I know that is purely subjective, but at least, for the time being, we try to keep them away from bad people.

“It won’t make any difference”, quipped Jim Sullivan. “Each one of us and subsequently, each one of the people we slap these things onto won’t be thinking about some “prime directive”. We all, right this very minute, are thinking about a dozen people we would have to ah, amorganize. If you give someone a penny and promise to double it every minute for one hour, well you won’t have enough money in all the banks in the world to pay them. Using that analogy with our situation here would mean that if just one of us passed this on, and each one ultimately passed it on to just 2 people every hour let’s say. Then the entire world could be reached in less than 24 hours.”

“He’s right John” sighed George. When we leave here without some real concrete rules, it’s a done deal. We won’t be able to stop it. Hell, we may not be able to stop it anyway.”

Everyone was looking at John, waiting for him to respond, but he just sat there, seemingly starring into space and after what seemed like an eternity, John responded; “Well, we can stop it, I can stop it.”

“Venture out my friends, but tread lightly. If you do anything cruel or deadly, I will remove your bracelet forever. I may not be able to watch you all, but your own personal Adju will be directed and updated by me.”

“Have a great life!”, John exclaimed!

Dale Craig

Author, Craig Company