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The Apprehension

“Very well, John!” Instantly, they were back in his Dad’s living room. And, if his Dad’s pacing was any indication, his Dad was pretty worried! John’s Father was suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis and has a difficult time walking.

I need a moment with my Dad, Adju.

“Here, put this on,” Adju demanded!

Adju placed a bracelet around John’s wrist. “This device or bracelet is called an amorganon. When you leave here, you will remain in aether until you press this button on the device.” Adju was pointing to the same symbol similar to a hand that allowed him to enter OrTerra.

“It’s the only way to communicate with me while you are away from OrTerra. And be careful; when you press this button, you will no longer be in aether. You will be visible again. So you may wish to place yourself somewhere that is more secluded.”

John walked out to the front door and took a quick look around and pushed the symbol that deactivated the device.

All of a sudden his bodily functions came back. He felt like 180 pounds had just been put on his shoulders, and in fact, it had!

His Dad’s door is always unlocked so he walked in and shouted “hello Dad” as he walked into the living area.

“My God John, where have you been? You’ve given your old man quite a startle.” “I’m sorry Dad. It’s a very long story. You sit down and rest. I can’t stay. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I’ll be back and explain everything as soon as I can.”

“Okay, Son! Have you called Samantha? She’s pretty worried.”

“No, Dad! My phone isn’t working. I’m going to see her right now. Love ya Dad.” John gave his Father a hug and left as quickly as he came.

“Can I put an address into this thing, Adju?” “Yes, OrTerra has access to all of Earth’s databases.”

John input his fiancés’ address, and sure enough there they were in Samantha’s living room, but no sign of her. “I’m in trouble now. What can I do to find her?”

“Well John, we could call using OrTerra communication, but maybe this is a good time to give you another lesson.”

OrTerra, locate the person that frequents this establishment and navigate to the current location of this individual. In an instant, they were at the local police station and there was Samantha. “Okay, Adju, you can explain that trick later. I have to get out of here.”

As John stepped out onto the floor of the police station, Adju and OrTerra disappeared behind him. He could see and hear everyone, Samantha talking with someone and people everywhere, shouting.

No one could see John. A quick search of the area indicated a bathroom a short distance down a small hallway. He felt a sudden surge of childish pleasure as he walked right through the closed door. With no one present, it was safe to press the button. “What a rush,” he declared. His first thought, “what was I going to tell Samantha”.

John opened the bathroom door and headed straight for her. “Hello, Samantha! I am sorry I worried you, I’m okay!”

She was on the phone. “Where on earth have you been, John? I’ve been worried sick and so has your Father. He just told me you were okay and that you just left him.”

“He’s here now George!” “Well, that’s impossible,” replied George. “He just left no more than 2 minutes ago.”

“Well, he’s got a lot of explaining to do. I’ll talk to you later, bye.”

“Okay, do you want to explain that?”

He had to think of something very quick. “My Dad obviously has dementia. That’s a little crazy don’t you think?”

“Okay, I guess! So, where have you been?”

“I was climbing and had an accident. Nothing serious, but lost a rope and couldn’t climb back to where my truck was parked. I had to repel down a steep cliff and couldn’t get back up the other face of the mountain until this morning.”

Well, it was all he could think of. He would tell her everything when they were home.

Samantha was buying the story and so was the officer! Not because it was a good story, but there was a whole lot more going on in the police station and the officer was quite pleased to close this case quickly.

John was anxious to get home, but Samantha was in another zone. John, in his haste, to make himself visible overlooked a large part of the office they were in and hadn’t noticed all the commotion going on, and more importantly, all the people.

Samantha took him aside and explained that a young girl had been abducted on her way to school this morning. She was walking with her sister when a man pulled up next to them in a van, grabbed her sister and sped away. The sister was so shaken she didn’t get the license plate number, nor does she have a very good description of the van or the man.

“I know this little girl,” said Samantha! “She lives just down the street from my home. What a terrible day this has been, worrying about you and then I found out about this when I came down here this morning. I wish there was something I could do?”

Now John was in his zone! He knew exactly what he needed to do. He could find this guy in a heartbeat with OrTerra.

“Samantha!” said John. “Listen, I have to catch up on some things.” “I’ll get my car,” said Samantha. “No, you stay here and do whatever you can. My truck is outside. I’ll call you as soon as I’m back to normal!”

Samantha bought it and thankfully didn’t ask to come outside.

He kissed Samantha and darted off towards the exit. He looked back and saw that Samantha was turned away and thought it might be best to switch this thing back on somewhere more secluded, so he quickly changed directions and went into the restroom. No one in the line of site and bingo, in an instant John was invisible again.

“What a rush,” John remarked again to himself. “I could get used to this very easily!”

John took a couple of steps right through the wall of the restroom and there he was right back in OrTerra.

“Adju, I need your help! A young girl was taken against her will. Is there a way to find her quickly? Yes, of course, we only need her DNA.

“Go back to the police station, Adju”. “There,” exclaimed John! “The doll in her Mother’s arms, can you scan that doll for the little girls DNA?” “Yes, declared Adju.” In a matter of seconds Adju scanned Kerry’s doll, repositioned the history control panel, and there they were standing in the home of the abductor. The sound of a small girls voice from the bedroom, “please leave me alone, I want to go home.”

There, sitting on a small bed, was a man who appeared to be in his mid thirty’s, muscular build, and thick dirty black hair. He was bending over a small fragile looking eight or nine-year-old little girl, who was trying to push him away. “I won’t hurt you, I’ll take you home, but only if you’re quiet and do what I tell you,” muttered the man as he tried to stroke her long blonde hair with his hand.

“Okay Adju, what are my options here.” “Let’s see,” Adju remarked, thoughtfully. “Your first option would be to leave OrTerra in your physical form and confront this individual.” “The quickest and safest option though would be to leave OrTerra in aether (energy form) and place an amorganon on the young girl.”

Pointing to the device on his wrist, John asks Adju, “You have more of these things?” “Yes,” replied Adju.

Adju quickly pointed to the amorganon on John’s wrist. He explained that by pressing the circle protruding from within the sunburst symbol, a duplicate amorganon appears.

John pressed the button and magically another amorganon sparkled, as though it was just waiting to be taken off his wrist. John wasted no time. He quickly moved across the room and placed the bracelet on Kerry’s wrist.

As though he had been knocked off a ledge, the abductor stumbled back in astonishment. Kerry had, of course, disappeared in an instant right before his eyes, as he was grasping her arm.

It was obvious to John by the astonished look on Kerry’s face that she could see him. In just an instant she experienced John appearing out of nowhere, the release of her abductor’s hand and the look of horror on his face, and of course, the sudden feeling of relief from the loss of all her physical hindrances.

John was just beginning to say something to comfort her, but she quickly blurted out the words, “are you an angel, am I dead?”

“No sweetie, I’m not an angel and you’re not dead. And everything is going to be okay. He can’t see you and he is not going to hurt you anymore. I’m going to take you to your Mother.”

“Why can’t he see me,” she said with a complete calm about her? “We’ll talk about that later,” said John, “let’s get you back to your Mother first, okay?”

John motioned her to come with him, and she followed John into OrTerra.

Adju was very gracious and seemed excitedly anxious to meet her. “It is my pleasure to meet you Kerry Albertson,” exalted Adju as he graciously extended his hand in an attempt to shake hers’. She laughed as their hands met and she experienced the touch of two energy forces meeting each other. “Are you an angel too,” she remarked?

“Oh no, I’m Adju!”

John, noticing Adju’s admiration, smiled and politely whispered, “back to the police station”.

Instantly they were back and Kerry immediately noticed her Mother in the middle of all the fuss and rushed over to hug her. “What’s wrong” she exclaimed, “why can’t I touch my Mom?”

John had a lot of explaining to do. What would he tell Kerry? How would he explain all this to her and for that matter to everyone else?

“Kerry,” said John. “I know this all seems very strange to you, and I will explain all this soon. But for now, I want you to not tell anyone about Adju and me. No one would believe you anyway. Follow me!”

John led Kerry into the restroom after checking to see that no one was there. “I’m going to take this bracelet off your wrist and when I do you won’t be able to see or hear me anymore. Open that door and go straight to your Mother. Can you do that?”

“Yes,” replied Kerry.

John removed the bracelet and by the look on Kerry’s face, he could see that she felt the sudden surge of weight suddenly returned to her. John could see the surprise on her face that Kerry could no longer see him and that she was alone.

She took a deep breath and quickly opened the door and ran straight to her Mother. Seeing that Kerry was back in her Mother’s arms John returned to OrTerra. “Adju, I need to return to my truck, but first we need to do something about that creep we just left before he hurts someone else. Even if we tell the police where he is, nothing will happen to him. There’s no proof that he kidnapped her.”

“Of course there’s proof”, remarked Adju. Suddenly, they were no longer in OrTerra. The rising sun was casting the morning shadows down the street where Kerry was abducted. The time indicator showed 7:10 AM. There, in front of them was the white van, and Joshua Slogan, the abductor. So close to John, he could have reached out and touched him.

He was pulling Kerry, struggling and kicking into the van. He slapped her hard on the face, the force of his blow knocking Kerry all the way to the back of the van. “You son of a bitch” John blasted out as Andrew Slogan got into the van and sped away as John foolishly tried to hit him.

The van was moving now down the street turning then crossing intersections, over bridges and through tunnels. Adju and John were never more than a few feet away from Kerry until finally, the van pulled up to a house and into a garage. They both watched as Kerry was carried into the house. The time indicator was now showing 9:30 AM, only 55 minutes left until they were back in the present. As the time now moved swiftly to the present, John felt a feeling of relief that Slogan hadn’t the time to harm Kerry with more than a slap.

“So where is the proof Adju?” “You have just witnessed the abduction, John. It is a simple matter to replicate the same observation by way of, ah what you would call a recording and send to the proper authorities.”

“A simple matter,” replied John? “Yes, you have a form of communication you call email?” “You mean you can send this entire recording by email to the police? But, it would be enormous in size and how would they play it? It’s 3d, it’s a hologram for Christ sakes.”

“You have much to learn John, about OrTerra. The entire sequence can be compressed to a very small size and opened with no need of a player.”  “Okay, you got me there, and of course you know their email address?” Adju merely smiled and in another instant, the email was delivered to the officer in charge of the investigation.

Dale Craig

Author, Craig Company