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The Rebirth

John’s home was certainly a reflection of his personality. A small unpretentious townhouse in a suburb of Las Vegas, and as close to the Red Rock Mountains as you could get. 

I really don’t have time for this Jim Sullivan. How did he get his information?

Okay, did you forget about the “time machine” you have at your fingertips? All of a sudden, I’m feeling a rush of excitement. Not that the last 12 hours has not been exciting, well, exciting isn’t enough, there isn’t even a word to explain it, but somehow this excitement or euphoria is now overwhelming me. 

Alright, let’s get all of this under control. I’m not ready to have this come out yet. What can I do to slow this reporter guy down? I think I need Adju.

John flicks a button on his amorganon and immediately he’s in energy form. Oh my, I’ll never get used to this! My mind is so much clearer and focused in this aether state. I still need help, though.

“Adju, are you there?” Suddenly, Adju appeared right in front of him. “I am here John, how can I assist you.”  

“I need to access this time machine thing from OrTerra?” “Very well, but you can activate, “this time machine thing”, it’s called “Cordis” using your amorganon.” 

“Now, that’s cool, and how would I do that?”

“What you would call a circle inside a circle.” “I see it!” 

John presses the button and the same control panel that appeared on OrTerra is now visible. John begins to maneuver the joystick when Adju interrupts; “John, it may be easier for you if you think about what you want. The anaphero can respond much quicker by using your thoughts.”

John concentrated on Jim Sullivan; reporter for the Las Vegas Desert and his immediate location. In an instant there they were in Jim Sullivan’s bedroom. Wow, I better be careful with this. I feel like a “Peeping Tom” watching a man I barely know sleeping in his own bedroom.

“Back up now, fast motion,” barked John. They were now watching Jim going backward. “Faster!” Back to Philip’s home! “Stop!”

John was now watching Jim and Philip and the room they were in engulfed in the abduction. “So this is how they got the copy of the email we sent. Is there anything I can do about that Adju, I mean that email attachment of the abduction.”   

“What would you like to do about it John?” “Well, I’d like to delete it or erase it.” 

“Simply, ask OrTerra for a list of all recordings.” 

“Produce a list of all copies of recordings made from Corvis in the last 24 hours.” A box appeared with eight copies of an icon showing the pictures of Kerry Albertson and Andrew Slogan and a small description of the event.

“Delete copies,” shouted John. Sure enough, it disappeared! “I think I’m getting the hang of this. Now, the recordings that were emailed, what happens to them?”

“The recordings no longer exist,” replied Adju. “Boy, they’ll have a hard time explaining them now,” muttered John.

Well, I defused part of the problem. Now it’s just their word against mine, and no one would believe such a story without at least some hard evidence.

Adju, “what happens to my body while I am in aether?” “You ask questions John that cannot be explained easily.” 

“Just give me a simple answer,” Adju. 

“Your state of aether is really a process called “Orasis”. It converts the molecules in your body to what you would call energy. The process re-conditions all the cells in your body and at the same time keeps your body from aging.”

“You mean I won’t age while in aether?” Yes, that is correct. “And what do you mean by re-condition?” 

“It will cure all ailments and correct any physical impairment in the body.”

“You mean any disease?” 


“And, by “physical impairment”, do you mean a broken arm?” 


“Damaged eye?”


“Missing limb?”


“You mean to tell me, just by entering aether, a blind person can see and someone with no legs has legs again?”

“Yes John, aether examines the cells in your body, removes the bad cells and replaces any lost cells. You may not have taken the time to notice, but your physical body has undergone substantial changes since your first experience with aether.”

“Additionally, the amorganon records the structure of your physical body each time you experience aether. You can choose to leave aether with previous versions at any time.”

The amorganon can also relocate your energy to any position within reach of OrTerra’s range. 

 “I’m flippin out here!”

 “Take me to my Dad’s house, please!”

Dale Craig

Author, Craig Company