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The Revelation

Detective Harry Murphy had just left the frantic mob outside his office, to the silence and solitude of his 8 foot by 8-foot little cubicle of an office. He immediately noticed an odd message, one that he had never seen before on his computer screen. It was flashing on and off with the words “New Email Message – Click Here”. Strange, he had never received an email this way. He clicked on it!

He was astonished as the room filled with the scene on the street where Kerry Albertson and her sister were walking. He sat motionless for the entire viewing and then some. What had he just witnessed? Was this some kind of sick joke or was this for real?

Harry slowly made his way to the Captain’s office and brought him into his office to view it again. Captain Rico Sanchez was equally astounded and immediately ordered Det. Murphy to follow up. Murphy checked the tag, and sure enough, it belonged to Andrew Slogan. His mug shot from previous arrests and the address were the same as they appeared on the recording.

The arrest was made and Sanchez and Murphy are left pondering the morning events wondering how and what had just happened.

The enormous potential of OrTerra has been dramatically played out in the quick recovery of Kerry Albertson. OrTerra is a recorder of history, and as such, a tool that in the right hands could free the world of all crime.

John ponders these new thoughts, and it becomes clear to him that in the wrong hands this could also be used to benefit only a few, and leave the rest of mankind at their mercy.

“Adju, I need your help!” “Certainly John, you are Ascendant.” “No, I mean I need your advice.”

“Can you advise?” “I can,” Adju replied in a tone that was almost as though he knew what John was thinking. And maybe he did.

“This is an enormous amount of responsibility.”

“Not only have I witnessed a kidnapping, rescued the victim, apprehended and assisted in the arrest of the criminal, all of which is, wow, impossible to believe. But even more fascinating, I traveled in time to see the building of the pyramids in Egypt, the destruction of Rome, and what civilization was like millions of years ago.”

“You’re telling me I have a choice. I can be Ascendant, have control of this ship, and be the most powerful man in history with no strings attached?”

“Yes, John you are Ascendant!” “And if I walk away, what happens.” “Well, I will be very bored.” “I am not programmed to seek out Earthlings; I must wait for them to seek out OrTerra.”

Now I know we’re not alone. My goodness, what’s next?

Adju, where is Samantha now? Adju immediately displayed Samantha in her car, just minutes from her home. Take me to Samantha’s home; I need to explain all this somehow.

Back at Samantha’s house! There doesn’t seem to be anyone around, so I’ll just de-aether here on the porch and wait for her.

She pulled into the driveway, and the first thing she said was, “where is your truck.” John muttered to himself, “Well, I guess I’ll have to tell her the truth.” “Let’s get into the house and I’ll explain everything.”

He led her into the living room and asked her to sit down. “I want you to be sitting down when I show you something, just in case you have a tendency to fall.”

“I’m going to put something on your wrist, and when I do things are going to change a little. You’re going to experience a loss of your body weight. You’re going to feel like you’ve never felt before, and then I’m going to introduce you to someone. Are you ready?”

Are you okay, John? You’re really not making any sense. Maybe you should be the one sitting down.

Please Sam, just bear with me. Sam nodded her head more like she wasn’t sure than if she was saying yes. “Okay, I’ll go along with this, I’m ready!”

As John placed the bracelet on her wrist, Sam felt the sudden rush of weightlessness and the freedom from all her bodily functions. She looked at John with obvious shock and whispered as though someone might hear her, “what just happened to me?”

“I’ll explain, but first I want you to meet someone. Now, take my hand and walk a few steps!” As she stepped forward she entered OrTerra and was standing in front of Adju. “Please to meet you, Samantha, I am Adju.”

Samantha was quite charmed by Adju, and I think Adju was as taken with Samantha. I took her on a small trip through her childhood and a quick trip out to the moon and back. It seemed like only a few minutes, but it was a few hours and we were back in her home.

“This is really big Samantha, and will take some time for both of us to make sense of. It seems wonderful and great and of course unbelievable right now, but on the other hand, it’s the most powerful device ever created.

Adju, “Can she keep this?” “You are Ascendant, John”, quipped Adju.

“Keep this bracelet on you at all times and don’t say a word to anyone. I still have to figure a few things out on my own.”

John pressed the “off” button on Samantha’s bracelet and then his immediately after. “You have to trust me. Don’t talk to anyone about this until I can figure out what to do. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

John was on OrTerra and within seconds back at his vehicle at the cliff where this all began. It was a long drive back to Las Vegas, which gave him a lot to think about, pondering the greatest day of his life, and what may lie ahead.

Adju said this was; “a gift given to mankind with nothing asked in return except, a hope that mankind will, in the pursuit of knowledge, embrace truth and peace.” Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t keep this a secret. This isn’t my gift; this is a gift to the world, a gift for all mankind. Where do I go now? What do I do?”

Dale Craig

Author, Craig Company