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One Month Later!

“Who am I?” I thought, at least most of my life, I knew the answer to that question. I’m David “Sandy” Sandow. My best friend called me Sandy when I was 5 and it just stuck with me all these years. But, now I don’t know who or what I am.

I can testify that things have changed dramatically over the past 30 days since the “Event”. That’s what the world is calling it anyway.

I live in a small town on the west coast of Florida, Crystal River. For a few days right after the event it was kind of deserted, I guess because people just stayed in their invisible form all the time. Just now beginning to see people now and then.

No one went to work of course. No children walking to school. No cars or trucks. No noise. It was quiet. 

All the stores are closed. Of course, no one goes to work any longer. What’s the point of work? The world has changed. Priorities are no longer focused on survival. 

We no longer have television, and that means TV stations or news outlets. At least physically. I mean, who needs TV or news when we have our assistant that can answer any question and solve any problem.

My mind is so clear and yet exploding with ideas and wonders and future possibilities.

I was sort of a conspiracy advocate, so I spent most of the first few days just mesmerized with everything from the moon landing, to John Kennedy’s assassination, to even who really killed Julius Caesar. 

I was actually a little bit of a flat Earther, Heck, my very first request of my assistant, Robbie (hey, don’t laugh, it was the name of the robot in Forbidden Planet), was to visit space. I even sat on the moon for hours, staring at the Earth as it rotated on its axis. 

There were quite a large number of holdouts that were convinced that this was an invasion and needed to be stopped. But, those numbers diminished quickly as people were randomly slapping those amorganon things on peoples wrists. Once they experienced the “rapture”, it was a no brainer. And, it’s not just the amazing euphoria that you experience, but the knowledge you immediately acquire. Your brain is now running on 100% octane. You now can instantly apply reason and common sense, even without your assistant. And of course when you add the fact the you have all that additional knowledge at your command, well, it’s very convincing to even the hardest core non-conformist. 

I have not had a chance to meet John Smith as yet, but he has already formed a world government council. He has named it fittingly, “Unite Earth”.

Anyone can participate. The only requirement is that you have to form a group of 10 people and appoint a leader. That leader will be appointed to another group of 10 people from other first tier groups and so on up the ladder. It takes about 10 tiers for the entire population to be represented. They call it the “Power of 10”.

Personally, I’m not there yet. My kids, I have 5 and keep in touch almost daily now, have formed groups with their friends, and that’s great for them. They are young and have taken this “unite” thing enthusiastically. I am a little jealous of the younger generation. They get to stay young. I know my assistant has made me healthy and vibrant, but I’m still 70. Hmm. food for thought.

The fact that I don’t need to sleep anymore is probably the coolest part of this new body. That old adage “there aren’t enough hours in the day” seems so irrelevant now. Sleep of course is necessary for regeneration, but now that only applies if you stay outside of aether. Only a month in and sleeping seems so archaic, at least for me, and such a waste of time. Ha, it seems to keep dawning on me that I have all the time in the world now. 

I have already accomplished all of the things I’ve ever dreamed of in these past 30 days. 

For instance, I grabbed hold of a giant blue whale and spent a few hours following it to the bottom of the ocean. I swam with dolphins and sharks and just sat on the ocean floor for hours watching creatures never before seen by mankind.

I love my wife Lois, but we already seem to be drifting apart. Oh, we keep in touch, but we both have so many new ideas that don’t line up, I mean the world is our oyster.    

Maybe I will join one of these Power of 10 Unite groups. It’s time to begin thinking about the planet and what the future will bring. After all, I don’t have to say I need to leave a better planet for my children any longer because I may not be leaving for a thousand years.

Dale Craig

Author, Craig Company